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Cyclops Chat is a jabber-based (jabber-net) chat application. It's developed in C# WPF 4.0 (using MVVM). It's not actually a full-fledged jabber client
The main goal is to develop simple and beautiful chat.

The latest release: 1.0.9rc2

Cyclops chat now supports:

  • MUC (user can close/create/join to conferences)
  • Privates (double-click on user to start one)
  • Animated smiles (JISP-compatible)
  • Customizable UI
  • Handles kicks, bans, nick conflicts, captchas, passwords, disconnects and etc.
  • vCard-based avatars (supports caching)
  • Tray, tabs and pop-ups notifications
  • Nick and status changing (and displaying it on the user list)
  • Accounts registration (quick and simple)
  • Localization (English and Russian)
  • Bookmarks support

Few UI screenshot's:



If you have any questions - please feel free to ask me via jabber at

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